Cotacachi, Incredible Property for Sale in the Intag area


The property is located in the community of Azabí del Mortiñal in the Plaza Gutierrez, 40 km from the city of Cotacachi and 10 km from Apuela.


The property has 5.23 hectares of which 4 hectares are primary forest.


There is also a production of Granadilla of Colombian, national and hybrid type with an average annual profit of $18,000 per year. The Granadilla is sold on Mondays and Thursdays in Cotacachi.


The property has 2 constructions


Main house:

It is a new house finished this year 2021 of 314m2 (3379ft29

3 bedrooms with fireplace
5 full bathrooms
2 half bathrooms
Living room with fireplace
Game room
Fully equipped kitchen with appliances
Dining room
Interior garden
Outdoor lighting

A wood-burning oven.

The floors of the social areas are porcelain tile.
The floors of the rooms are made of bamboo.


It has a ceptic well with live filters for sewage and a disposal system for gray water to go to the field.


Water is filtered from existing springs on the property.


Currently the electricity comes from a gasoline generator and solar panels for lighting, but the owner is committed to deliver the property with light from Emelnorte since he is already making arrangements for the installation of light poles.


Gas heaters


Second construction:
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
Dining room
living room
1 balcony.


Additional has:
100 fruit trees
1000 alder trees of 2 years old
1 km of trails through the primary forest
Water springs
Unparalleled flora and fauna.
It is not inside the property but very close to a small waterfall.

Currently the property is used as a shelter for lodging.